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Texas Grease LEP is a lithium-based grease fortified with extreme pressure additives for added protection. It exhibits excellent mechanical stability under operating conditions and storage.
A longer service life is possible due to the superior oxidation stability of the chosen components in the grease. The tough film from the quality base oils also provides outstanding protection even in heavily loaded applications.

Texas Grease LEP is designed for multi-functional applications under an extreme pressure condition. Its normal operating temperature range is from -15oC to 120oC but had demonstrated its ability to withstand temperature of up to 130oC for extended period of time. It can also withstand
intermittent application temperature of above 150oC.

NLGI 2, 3

  • Well proven chassis grease
  • It is a good wheel bearing grease for use over a wide range of temperatures
  • It is suitable for use in most automotive grease applications within its specified operating temperature range
  • Can also be used to grease electric motor bearings, hoist bearings and gears, plastic injection moulding machines, paper machines, grinders, printing presses, textile machinery and other applications requiring an extreme pressure grease
  • May be used over a wide range of temperature
  • High load-carrying ability
  • Superior extreme pressure properties
  • High dropping point
  • Good resistance to mechanical shear
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Good low temperature pump-ability
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