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TEXAS GEARTRA OIL EP GL-4 is an extreme-pressure (EP), multi-grade and multi-purpose gear lubricant for automotive differential and manual transmission, particularly those operating at high-speed, low-torque and lowspeed, high-torque conditions. It is also used in the final drives and other gear cases of truck, cars, buses, farm tractors and earth moving equipment where oil of API GL-4 is required

Blended with highly refined base oils and proven multifunctional gear additives based on Sulphur-phosphorus chemistry, TEXAS GEARTRA EP OIL GL-4 exhibit excellent chemical and thermal stability over a wide range of temperatures. 

The extreme-pressure additives in the oils also provide superior protection of gear teeth against spalling. Spalling occurs where flakes of metal breaks away from the surface of a gear tooth after repeated stress.

  • API GL – 4
  • SAE 80W90, 85W140
  • Texas Geartra HD GL-4 is recommended for a wide range of applications where a gear oil of API Service GL–4 oil is specified.
  • Suitable for use in gearboxes, final drives and power take-offs on farm and earth-moving machinery.
  • Used for lubricating the hypoid, spur, bevel, helical, spiral-bevel and worm gears in differentials, transmissions, final drives, transfer cases and steering mechanisms.
  • Outstanding oxidation and thermal stability
  • Extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costs
  • Superior load carrying capability in heavy-duty applications
  • Smoother power transmission
  • Wider operating temperatures
  • Maintain clean gear surfaces thus minimizing wear
  • Protect against spalling, pitting and scoring