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Texas Brake Fluids are formulated as high-quality glycol and glycol-ether fluids, designed to function over a wide range of temperature and humidity. They provide the extra braking performance under normal driving conditions.
Their high boiling points reduce the tendency fluid vaporization at elevated temperatures.

Texas Brake Fluids have excellent lubricity and maintain high level of chemical and thermal stability during long service periods. They are safe with numerous brake systems and protect metal components from corrosion.

Although formulated to resist water absorption, all glycol-based brake fluids deteriorate over time during use. It is strongly recommended that the brake fluid to be changed regularly accordingly to vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation or every 02 years.

  • US DOT 3
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 116
  • SAE J-1703
  • Federal Specification VV
  • Recommended for use in all cars and light duty commercial vehicles that require either a Dot 3 product and operate under everyday driving conditions.
  • High boiling points offer a performance reverse over those of lower boiling points
  • Harmless to numerous brake systems
  • Excellent corrosion protection against absorbed moistures
  • High vapor lock temperatures
  • Compatible with all other DOT 3 brake fluids
  • Lubricate and protect rubber and metal components