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As the name suggest, Texas MV Fully Synthetic ATF is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid, designed for used in a wide variety of American, European and Asian vehicles. It contains an advanced package of additives specially formulated to meet the rigorous requirements of multiple manufacturers of automatic transmission in today’s passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs.

Texas MV Fully Synthetic ATF provides exceptionally smooth shifting and freedom from shudder, even in the most demanding conditions. It allows for extended drain intervals and long trouble-free transmission life. It protects against the formation of sludge, varnish, other harmful deposits and foam. Compared to conventional ATFs, Texas MV Fully Synthetic ATF exhibits excellent low-temperature flow properties and enhanced protection against viscosity breakdown at high temperatures. In addition, it has superior oxidation and thermal stability.

This product is also suited for use in Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) applications in 2.0L or smaller engines.

  • GM DEXRON® -III (H) and all earlier DEXRON® ATFs including DEXRON® IID and IIE
  • ALLISON C4JASO M315-2004
  • BMW LT 71141; LA 2634; ETL- 7045E;
  • LAND ROVER Texaco N402
  • CAT TO-2
  • CHRYSLER +3; +4
  • NISSAN Matic D; J; K
  • TOYOTA Type T-III; Type T-IV; JWS 3309
  • VW/AUDI G 052 025 (09M); G 052 990 (09A)
  • JAGUAR Idemitsu K17
  • ZF TE ML 03D; 04D; 17C; 14A
  • Suitable for service fill of many transmissions manufactured by North America, Asian and European OEMs. Recommend for a wide range of modern high performance automobiles, SUVs, vans and light trucks requiring any of the above specifications.
  • Surpasses the off-highway power transmission requirements of Allison C4
  • Also recommended for any power steering unit whereby a DEXRON-II or FORD MERCON oil is specified
  • May be used in most hydraulic applications
  • Reduces inventory cost – one product can be used for the vast majority of automatic transmission on the road
  • High resistance to oxidation and exceptional thermal stability give long oil service life
  • Improved transmission efficiency and fuel economy
  • Smoother operation – carefully chosen additives allow for smooth shifting, efficient power transfer and anti-shudder protection
  • Outstanding performance over a wide range of temperatures
  • Superior low temperature fluidity
  • Excellent shear stability
  • Dependable protection against rust and corrosion
  • Compatible with mineral-based automatic transmission fluids and all common material seals